[REVIEW] Demonia shoes!


Hello my dear readers! I decided to do this review in English (and others same kind of texts) because This is quite awesome thing. So, I get my very first Demonia shoes from second hand and they didn't even cost much!
Demonia is a great gothic-brand. It prepare different style of shoes. Yes, I don't know much.
These are definitely unused or used only in indoors.

Shoes are very cute and they little reminds me about gothic-lolita shoes. They are very light weight and detailed. These is only one or two sizes too small for me but I can use these small parts in photoshoots.

High heel lenght: 12,6cm
Platform: 5cm

+Very comfortable/-if they fits you perfectly
+light weight

I would totally buy new Demonia-shoes (in right size this time) because these cuties are so fabulous! I totally recommend these for everyone!

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  1. Tosi kivat kengät ja kivaa vaihtelua kun tehdään postauksia englanniksi :)


  2. Kannattaa ehkä opetella kunnolla englantia ja varsinkin tekstin tuottamista ennen kuin alat enemmän englanniksi postailemaan.

    1. my english is bad, so don't get hurt when reading this


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